Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Neighborhood WatchLESS

I just read that in Pasadena, California, folks are on the streets, worried about unprecedented levels of crime, and they are urging greater participation in Neighborhood Watches.  I'm surprised that Neighborhood Watch is even legal, after the Gates-Crowley affair.

I suspect that nowadays, people will be very careful about describing suspects, much less reporting incidents.  We can't say they're Black, or Hispanic, because this is racial profiling, and probably a crime to even suspect a nonWhite is engaging in anything.  So 911 calls will probably be something along the order of

They are using crowbar on the front door--but they may live there and just be having a hard time with the lock (like the Harvard fellow who was breaking the lock off his own bicycle; Harvard police were investigated for having the audacity to even think this was suspicious). 

One of the men seems to have a hstocking on his head, but I should not have said that, or even noticed it, because he may be sensitive to moonlight, or ultra shy, like Michael Jackson--or it may be a fetish (which I of course would not even notice, much less discuss, lest I have a hate crime accusation level against me).

"You know what?  On second thought, I think 911 should disregard my Neighborhood Watch call, because it is probably nothing, and even if it is, it was wrong of me to suspect someone of doing something beforehand, regardless of the circumstances.  And even if they are burglars, who am I to judge their motives?  They may have had legitimate reasons for burglary--revenge because of past injustices against their African slave ancestors, their American Indian relatives on reservations, their Hispanic relatives, or Irish ancestors who were mistreated when they fled to America to escape the potato famine.  (With Italian and Chinese ancestors, I have plenty of excuses of my own!).

"So please, 911, disregard this call.  Whatever you do, don't insult the suspicious person breaking into my neighbor's house by  showing up and causing them embarrassment.   And while we're at it, let us disband Neighborhood Watch, as it violates too many people's rights. 

Or let us rename it Neighborhood Watchless.

Fr. Lingyu Fu
Illuminus Theo
Naples, Italy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When are children not yet human?

Note: Fr. Lingyu Fu's views do not necessarily reflect those of Illuminus Theo.

Note from F. Lingyu Fu: before someone has a kneejerk reaction to this post, either for or against it, it would be good to investigate this further if you are interested.  Dozens of blogs have accused Holdren of writing horrific things in a book entitled "Population Limitation," but he never wrote a book with that title!  That is a chapter within a book.  So if people misquote book titles, it is possible they misquote, or quote out of context, the contents as well.  Regardless of your political or moral inclinations (and increasingly I think people have moral inclinations, not actual stands!), be "wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove" and check things out before fueling the internet with rhetoric and hyperbole....

And now to this post...

Many argue that a child is not legally "human," with human rights, until born, but according to a 1973 book co-authored by President Obama's top science adviser, John P. Holdren, even after birth, a baby is only "potentially human," and only, if "given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being.”

Holdren is director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and wrote his views in “Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions.”

Millions of unborn babies are aborted because they are not legally human. Based on Holdren's logic, even after birth, babies, and perhaps children as well, are still less than human unless they have "essential socializing experiences."

Does this mean that, at some time in the future, Washington may have a panel decide what experiences are essential, and then euthanize those who don't measure up to the requirements for being human--even as unborn babies are aborted now? Farfetched? Probably. Hopefully.

By the far as I understand, the wave of attacks claiming Holdren actually endorsed Draconian forced abortions and sterilization may not be well grounded. It is said that Holdren was not advocating such measures, but merely describing what had been done in some countries. Let's hope so. But the best thing to do is go get a copy of his book and read it for yourself.

Fr. Lingyu Fu
Illuminus Theo

Conrad Murray--Coming Clean or Not?

Notice from I.I. Abbey, Naples: Fr. Lingyu Fu's blog does not reflect the opinions or involvement of Illuminus Theo.

As I wrote 26 days ago, when I admitted Illuminus Theo's complicity in the Michael Jackson Death Hoax, Dr. Conrad Murray would eventually be accused of having supposedly given Michael Jackson Diprivan, which resulted in his death.

Ironically, the news yesterday reported that Murray's home and clinics had been searched, and that he confessed to having administered Diprivan, which caused his death--but that he was cooperating, and "not a suspect." What more would it take for him to be a suspect? Of course, as I noted almost a month ago, the one who died of Diprivan was not Jackson but Dimitrie Draghicescu (no relation to the famous Romanian diplomat and writer).

As Murray supposedly comes clean, consider again his description the past couple days of how he gave CPR to Jackson. He said he used one hand on Jackson's chest while supporting his back with the other hand. If you've ever given CPR, you'd know it takes a lot of force, and probably two hands. How could Murray give one-handed CPR? He said he did this because Jackson's body was frail.

If Jackson was so frail, how could he have planned to perform 50 shows?

Jackson was not frail, he did not intend to go through with the 50 shows, and while Murray did administer the Diprivan that left a corpse, the body was not Michael Jackson, who is now in The Place With No Name--though the past couple weeks, a few investigators have come close to naming it.

Fr. Lingyu Fu
Illuminus Theo, Naples Italy

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where is the "body" of Michael Jackson?

You may have noted the many news reports the last couple days asking "Where is the body?" They are at least getting close to asking the right questions. As I noted in the previous post, however, the question is not where is Michael Jackson's "body," but where is Michael Jackson himself, because he is alive, thanks to Illuminus Theo's intervention. The "body" was not Jackson but
Dimitrie Draghicescu, the terminally ill Romanian who was paid to take Jackson's place (Jackson met him during his visit to Romania several years ago).

The press has announced, as I said it would during the last post, that Diprivan would be found in his home, and they will eventually learn that Jackson's cardiologist gave him the injections. What they will not learn is that the Diprivan was given to Dimitrie, the terminally ill man who saw this not only as an opportunity to provide financially for his family but also as a much less painful way out than dying slowly in a Romanian hospital.

Given the unprecedented attention to Jackson's alleged demise, can Michael Jackson steel himself to keep secret the fact that he is still alive? Can he resist the thrill of being not just in the news but on the stage again? He has no option, because at this point, not only would his fans kill him but so would his family.

From Illuminus Theo Abbey,
Father Linyu Fu

Note: What about the "accidental release" of Michael Jackson's "A Place With No Name!" It has a name--and it is not Hungary, as a few imaginative investigators have claimed. But they are close (at present, he is not far from the home of
Dimitrie Draghicescu).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson is not Dead; so WHO died?

Contents copyright June 2009, WNB, at Illuminus Theo
Why and how Dimitrie Draghicescu died in Jackson's place.
[Note: Dimitrie was unrelated to the famous Romanian writer and diplomat who died in 1945; both Dimitrie and Draghicescu are relatively common names in Romania]

The Truth Behind Michael Jackson Death Hoax
The outpouring of grief over Michael Jackson's death, and the sheer magnitude of the deception that Illuminus Theo (IT) has allowed itself to be a party to, now force me to reveal what many have suspected (and with good reason). Michael Jackson did not die--but someone else did. Who died in Jackson's place, and why did Michael Jackson stage his own death in one of the greatest ruses in history? For that matter, why did my own highly reclusive order help Jackson pull this off? I must share this, and quickly, and hope that this blog is not removed before enough people have learned the truth, because what Michael Jackson has just pulled off is nothing compared to the plans that he has for us during the coming century.

Why Did Illuminus Theo Agree to be a part of the Michael Jackson Death Conspiracy?
Quite simply, who could turn down Michael Jackson when he asked for help? Even his closest confidantes admitted that whatever Michael wanted, he got. But when he approached our Order four years ago in Naples, Italy, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of his promised reward (which we will yet receive; the reports of his so-called bankruptcy are as fraudulent as his staged death). These funds will enable our order to further the research which we have pursued for almost 700 years--unheralded, unrestricted by the Vatican (they did not even know of us until the 1940s), and unfunded, as we had our own financial resources--at least until the financial fiascoes of 2000. But what does it profit a man if he gain the world and lose his soul? Even Michael's millions would not have been enough if he had not approached us with a golden carrot in one hand and an iron stick in the other.

Michael's Gold Carrot and Iron Stick
Michael warned Illuminus Theo quite plainly that, given the very nature of his proposal, he could not allow us to refuse his generous offer; he threatened to expose to the world the lapses and indiscretions that had brought us to the attention of the Vatican during the 1940s, and thereby destroy the secrecy that we have so carefully guarded for over 700 years.

My superiors will be livid that I have exposed this dark deception. Illuminus Theo will no doubt engineer the erasure of this blog as soon as they discover it, and Jackson may exact his own revenge upon the Order and myself. Yet if he does, I will reveal exactly where Michael Jackson is today--provided I am not first silenced by either Jackson or my own Order. Over the centuries, Illuminus Theo has silenced those it could not buy. I'm not sure about Jackson, but given the desperation that drove him to this great deception, I would not be surprised if Jackson has also sent some detractors on a one way trip to Neverland.

Why Michael Jackson's Staged Death?
Michael had multiple motives for his staged demise, but ironically, it all began over two decades ago with Michael's morbid fear of death itself. His former wife Lisa Presley has recently revealed that even though Michael daily underwent a rigorous regimen to achieve his dream of living to at least 150, he frequently voiced his fears that he would die early, like Lisa's legendary father Elvis Presley. Michael's most bizarre longevity rite was, of course, his sleeping in hyperbaric chambers. These photos were carefully 'leaked' [with instructions to label them as 'bizarre') to heighten the public's fascination with his unusual lifestyle, but this was more than just promotional hype. Jackson laughed it off but it was a true reflection of Michael's deep seated fear of death.

Why Michael's Morbid Fear of Death?
Michael feared death because, quite simply, he had never really lived. As a child he was reportedly abused by a domineering father who drove him to success, denying him a childhood, hence the attempt to recapture his lost youth with Neverland ranch. Jackson's father not only denied Michael his childhood but also, in driving him to success, molded Michael into a compulsive success addict who could never really slow down to enjoy the massive wealth he accumulated. Michael existed, but he never lived. He viewed life from the outside, from the above--as we view the insignificant lives of millions when our plane rises out of Los Angeles airport, cars below buzzing about like bees in futile search for significance or, increasingly, for survival. And it was this godlike perception of the world, and his intoxication with unparalleled success, that gave birth to Michael's belief in his own deity and inevitable immortality--which he sought not just in science but in the occult.

Michael and the Occult
The public had no idea that Thriller, which was released on Nov. 30, 1982, was not just fiction but autobiographical. Jackson was, in a sense, taunting death. But as he worked on Thriller he became even more enthralled with the occult, and given his fear of death, it is not surprising that he sought the secrets of unending life by searching out the undead, the vampire--which led him to Illuminus Theo.

Jackson Discovers Illuminus Theo
If Jackson spent millions on spending sprees, he spent hundreds of millions seeking the holy grail of immortality through science and the occult. Even as Hitler's henchmen searched the planet from Tahoe to Tibet for occult power to insure the Third Reich's success, so Jackson's army of researchers circled the globe. But although Illuminus Theo managed to evade Hitler's henchmen, we could not hide from Michael Jackson, but that is not surprising. Jackson had better resources than the failing feuhrer.

When Jackson learned of Illuminus Theo's centuries of involvement in the occult, in particular our research into alleged (I emphasize "alleged") cases of possession and vampirism, he threatened our order until we allowed him access to archives that have been kept hidden for centuries. We denied, of course, that we had any of the materials that he sought, but he in turn insisted that if we had nothing to hide, we had nothing to fear from him and his assistants browsing our archives. And so Jackson spent weeks at a time in our archives while one of his three lookalike Michaels carried on his public appearances (one advantage of Michael's plastic face was that it was easy to create lookalikes; this helped inspire the staged death scheme--but I'm coming to that).

Wannabe Vampire Michael Jackson
Jackson did not undergo such extensive surgery because he was ashamed of being black but because he was trying to identify himself with the pallid legions of the undead that he believed must still exist on this planet. Jackson produced his hit video Thriller less as a commercial music video than as a secret yet in-your-face tribute and homage to the legions of undead. Michael hoped that by transforming himself into their physical image, he would somehow change his psychic image as well. Farfetched? Of course! But Michael was obsessed with the reality that he had been dying from birth. He often remarked upon rising, "I'm one day closer to the grave." What a way to look at life! But he hoped that through his physical make-over, and the release of Thriller, the undead would sense his desperation and contact him (even as thousands have written Anne Rice, of vampire novel fame, asking her how to meet vampires in New Orleans).

At this point, I dare not reveal the extent of Illuminus Theo's involvement in what transpired after the release of Thriller, and Michael's subsequent transformations, both physical and otherwise.

Plastic Michael Lookalikes
As I noted, it was easy to create Michael Jackson lookalikes because Jackson himself was a plastic creation, a construct, who in now way resembled the Michael of two decades earlier. After Jackson's court battles, he withdrew from the world, and retreated to a Neverland that he was creating in a foreign country--a subterranean wonderland free from the DNA-damaging solar rays that so terrified Jackson that he was never out of doors without an over-sized umbrella. But Jackson's ego would not allow him to depart the world as a failure, hence Illuminus Theo's collaboration in his staged death right on the heels of an equally staged comeback.

Jackson's Staged Comeback
Jackson, better than anyone, knew the rigors of dancing, and that his body could never handle a comeback such as he promised the world. But he craved not only immortality of body and soul but of name and fame, and of the love that he felt had eluded him his entire life, even in his so-called marriages (which he was quite serious about, but having never been loved, he found to his dismay that he could not love). Michael set out to show the world that he was as youthful and capable as ever by promising a series of performances that even someone half his age would have found impossible to pull off. That he could even manage a practice session is testimony to his desperation, as well as his genius and determination. But he only planned to perform the practice sessions. He had no intention whatsoever of actually engaging in the performances because, once the world had seen what he was still capable of, he would "die," and then sit back and watch the world mourn him.

Let's set one record straight. Michael was a health fanatic, and did not abuse drugs--at least much. His pleas to doctors for sleeping remedies were ploys to set the stage for his death (which was fitting, as his entire life was a stage). Poor Deepak Chopra was aghast at what he saw as Michael's growing dependence upon prescription drugs, but Michael knew that, once he had "died," Deepak would remember his pleas for drugs, and share them out of sympathy for his extinguished friend--and thus reinforce the fiction that Jackson had died of drugs. To further reinforce this fiction, Jackson phoned other doctors, begging for drugs, and some doctors did provide them, but he never used them. He was too terrified of death to allow anything to weaken his body's tenuous hold upon life.

Jackson's "Death"
The night before Jackson's "death," he danced his heart out, almost literally (which underscored the impossibility of surviving the grueling schedule he'd announced to his public). He returned to his rented home, and was spirited away to a waiting jet at Burbank airport, which transported him to a location in the Southeastern U.S. that I dare not divulge (yet). But I must explain that the man who died of an alleged heart attack under the very hands of his personal physician (get real!) was not Jackson but a 47-year-old Romanian named Dimitrie Draghicescu, whom Illuminus Theo disgracefully dragged into this morbid affair.

Dimitrie Draghicescu--the Dead Jackson
After fully 3 years of plastic surgery and training, Dimitrie could easily pass for a live Jackson, not to mention a dead one. But unlike the mighty Michael, Dimitrie did die. Dimitrie, not Jackson, was the one whisked to the hospital. Did you not wonder why the man who phoned 911 did not say "Michael Jackson" was the victim? It was not to avoid publicity but to insure that, should the 911 calls be analyzed by voice experts and electronic analyzers, no one could detect the stress from the caller's blatant falsehood.

Dimitrie agreed to die in Michael's place only because he had a terminal illness, and because Jackson had promised a generous reward to his family. And had Dimitrie refused, our Order would have revealed the Draghicescu family secret that had brought them to the attention of Illuminus Theo in the late 1700s (we too are familiar with the gold carrot-iron stick argument).

Why the 2nd Autopsy?
If Jackson's own family could not distinguish a plastic Dimitrie from a plastic Jackson, the doctors who tried to revive "Jackson" certainly had no hopes of penetrating this stupendous ruse. The only difficulty was switching fingerprints, but this was accomplished more easily than you could imagine by a little greasing of palms both in the hospital and the police force. (Though now the police are under suspicion for delaying a search for 4 days, allowing an unsupervised Janet to remove items from a suspected crime scene, etc.).

But while the ruse fooled the world, his family was suspicious. They knew Michael too well to believe that a man so fanatic about health would kill himself with such a dangerous drug. The Jackson family demanded a second autopsy not to determine the cause of death but to determine the true identity of the body. (Which, of course, will never be revealed, for if Jackson is shown to be alive, they will not inherit his estate).

Death by Diprivan
The autopsy will indeed reveal that "Jackson" died of a lethal dose of Diprivan, a dangerous but effective anaesthetic. Jackson's personal doctor will be found guilty of negligence, but his career was on the ropes already. (He said Michael was so delicate he supported his back during CPR--yet Michael was capable of 50 performances?). This desperate excuse for a doctor readily agreed to become a part of Jackson's "death" in return for a 7-figure fee and the best lawyers in the land. You noticed, I assume, how quickly he was in contact with his lawyers? They had a response prepared even before Jackson's double, poor Dimitrie, had breathed his last.

Michael Jackson is alive, and given the information he forced out of Illuminus Theo, and the tremendous resources at his disposal (in spite of rumors of his supposed bankruptcy) he may well reach his goal of living to 150, but I don't think he will enjoy those extra 100 years. But in the meantime, Michael Jackson is enjoying immensely the spectacle of the entire world in tears. He has achieved the fame and even a measure of love and respect, that eluded him in life. His eccentricities are forgiven; those he alienated are reconciled. And perhaps this is not a bad thing. What I fear, personally, is where Michael Jackson is headed now. With the exception of his father, no one could ever say "No" to Michael--and that was to the old Jackson. How will the world handle the Michael Jackson that is to come? Of course, no one will recognize the new Jackson for who he is.

He Did Take It With Him
Sometime within the next two years, the plastic-faced Michael Jackson will emerge onto the world scene again with not only a new, unrecognizable face but a new name. And who says "you can't take it with you?" Michael has taken his, and will enjoy enormous wealth and power, coupled with blissful anonymity, for decades--perhaps even another century. But what on earth will Michael Jackson do the second time around?

I must cut this short. I am posting this via proxies, in the hopes that it will not be easily traced, and using an alias--the name of the Italian Chinese priest who transformed our order after the Vatican penetrated our veil of secrecy in the 1940s. If only Father Fu were still here to help us--though after what I've learned about Michael Jackson's "death," for all I know Father Lingyu Fu may still be around. I will not pursue that line of thought further, lest sleep elude me, as it did the King of Pop during his last decade.

I hopes this avoids deletion long enough for the world to know the truth--that Michael Jackson is alive! Or, more accurately, he is not dead.

Are you?

Father Lingyu Fu
Naples, Italy

[Note: Some have commented that Dimitrie died in 1945 [actually, he committed suicide]. Obviously, in Romania, as in the rest of the world, sometimes more than one people have the same name. The Dimitrie Draghicescu who was the famous writer killed himself in 1945. He was, as far as we know, unrelated to Michael Jackson's Dimitrie.

Illuminus Theo Postscript (July 20, 2009): The Abbot of Illuminus Theo Abbey insists on pointing out that
Illuminus Theo did not pressure Dimitrie Draghicescu in any way into an arrangement with Michael Jackson. So I have duly noted this, but based on the information presented above, you can draw your own conclusion.
By the way, he is not, as many websites have claimed, in Hungary (but fairly close).